• Area cultivated in the Andes of Peru
    Central region of Peru, Junín
  • Culture Zone in Peru's Amazon jungle
    Ucayali River flowing.
  • Culture Zone in Peru's Amazon jungle
    River Transport.
  • Culture Zone in Peru's Amazon jungle
  • Culture Zone in Peru's Amazon jungle
    Farmhouse in the middle of the jungle.
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Peru Culture Zone

Our place in the Amazon:

We work exclusively with the Shipibo-Coniba community of VISTA is located on the banks of the Ucayali River in Peru. The trip is 24 hours by boat from the city of Pucallpa.
Working together with community and social support are aimed at the production of medicinal plants of the area as one of CAT / CAT'S CLAW (Uncaria tomentosa).
Through the implementation of the plan was approved and that is the removal and reforestation of the area's medicinal plants.

Our place in the Sierra:

For products of the area of ​​the Andes, working with farming communities and small farmers, in the case of MACA for which work above 3800 meters above sea level.

In SA Inversine Pebani maintain a policy of fair price and helps communities and farmers with whom we work.



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Plantation Area 
Cat's Claw and reforestation 

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