• Area cultivated in the Andes of Peru
    Central region of Peru, Junín
  • Culture Zone in Peru's Amazon jungle
    Ucayali River flowing.
  • Culture Zone in Peru's Amazon jungle
    River Transport.
  • Culture Zone in Peru's Amazon jungle
  • Culture Zone in Peru's Amazon jungle
    Farmhouse in the middle of the jungle.
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Tea Bag

Tea Bag

If you are looking for a supplier of Peruvian natural products, medicinal plants, dietary supplements, or custom formulations and blending, Pebani Inversiones S.A is able to supply cutting edge natural products to the Nutritional, Functional Foods and Beverages and also Natural Cosmetics industries. Due to controlling every part of the process we are able to offer every type of processed ingredient form and even finished products: Powders, extracts, atomization, gelatinization, creams, capsules, and herbal teas.

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Cat's Claw and reforestation 

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